Western Dressage Rules & Guidelines

Western Dressage Rules and Tests are based on Dressage fundamentals and showcase applications for the Working Western Horse.  They were devised through a collaborative effort on the part of member feedback, the evaluation of respected horse people, and equine organizations and then revised and edited by a special division of our education committee.

The Rules are designed for use by judges and show managers, but also for riders of all experience levels.  The Rules are a wonderful educational tool, with highlights that include gait descriptions, movements, goals, and objectives – all of which lend to a progressive learning and training program regardless of intent to show or to ride in any other discipline.  They are mindful of the mission of the WDAA in which we honor the horse and provide a safe, comfortable, and fair environment to explore the discipline.

Our Western Dressage Tests are designed with progressive elements to showcase the developing skills of horse and rider. They will remain in effect and should not change for at least 4 years from the "Title Year" printed on the test.  What a great way to learn while having fun!



2023 Western Dressage Equitation Score Sheets: 02/20/2023 Changed the word “test” to “pattern”