WDAA Committees 

Requirements: Current membership in WDAA.
Materials: Current Committee Handbook.

Executive Committee = BOD or Board of Directors

(Current Conflict of Interest statementrequired)

USEF Rules Committee = WD Committee

State Affiliates Round Table Group:

WDAA BOD Representative: Open

Staff Liaison: Kathy Newcomb

Description: Group is composed of one or two members from each state affiliate with voting privileges and a member from each aspiring affiliate actively engaged in working on the affiliate process; to meet bi-monthly. Staff support will keep minutes, help schedule meetings, etc. as directed by Executive Board of WDAA.

Mission: to facilitate effective two-way communication between the state affiliates and the national organization; to examine the affiliation process and make recommendations to Executive Board; to develop best practices and support both aspiring affiliates as well as existing affiliates.

World Show Executive Committee:

Chair: Cindy Butler

Staff Liaison: Dini Swanson

Members: WDAA board of directors

Description: The entire board is part of the committee because of the fiduciary responsibility. The current President will sit as the Chair of the World Show Committee.

Mission:  Work with the show manager to provide a list of names for judges and officials, videographer, photographer, announcer, etc. This group will also serve as a source for a Hearing Committee at the show as needed and required by USEF rules.

World Show Principals Task Force

  • Current Show Secretary
  • Current Show Manager
  • Show Coordinator
  • World Show Executive Committee Chair
  • WDAA Executive Director

Judges Education Committee:

Chair: Joanne Coy - [email protected]

Staff Liaison: Gail Matheus

Members: Cindy Butler, Joyce Swanson, Jody Ely

Description: Composed of members, including Western Dressage judges, clinicians, and members committed to judges education.

Mission: Work to fulfill the educational mission of WDAA working to create and execute educational programs for judges at all levels. This will include the judges’ seminar, and group apprentice judging.

Judges Review Task Force: This group will internally handle complaints against and issues with WD licensed judges that cannot be handled by USEF.

  • Joyce Swanson
  • Joanne Coy
  • Ida Norris

Risk Management Committee:

Chair: Lisa Blackstone

Members: David Lindsey, Diane Leshure

Description: members to be composed of legal and insurance professionals

Mission: to examine all WDAA contracts for liability and other related problems; to make recommendations to the board and to the bylaws and SOPs committee regarding amendments and added SOPs; to advise the board as needed.

Honors and Points Committee:

Chair: Tori Blankenship

Staff Liaison: Jenny McBurnett

Members: Holly Clanahan, Tori Blankenship, Cindy Butler, at least 2 State Affiliate leaders

Description: members from WDAA board and state affiliates who make recommendations to the board regarding operations and suggested changes to program

Mission: to select recipients of Honors, select nominees, develop new awards, choose the USEF Youth of the Year nominee.

Member Education Committee

Chair: Jenny Sigety

Staff Liaison/IT support: Dini Swanson/Gail Matheus

Members: Sharron Sarchet, Amy Townsing, Kristin Kill, Thallia Blight, Heidi Adams, Ida Norris, Joann Williams

Description: Composed of WDAA members, including those with certain skills that are useful in the implementation of educational programs.

Mission: Work to fulfill the educational mission of WDAA by creating and implementing educational programs for all members. This will mainly involve leveraging the Learning Management System that has been purchased from Member Clicks.

Task Forces – To be formed and maintained as needed

  • Competition
  • Youth
  • Bylaws and SOPs
  • Website
  • Test Writing
  • Exceptional Rider
  • International
  • Marketing
  • Gaited
  • Professionals