Standard Western Saddle Diagram

The Standard Western Saddle Diagram is a crucial tool for anyone involved in Western Dressage, providing a detailed overview of the various parts and their functions within the saddle.

USEF Rule WD121.6 


A standard American Western stock saddle with swells, a seat, cantle, skirt, fenders, and Western stirrups is required. A working Western side saddle is also acceptable.

a. Optional and permitted features may include:

     1. Horn

     2. Padding or pads on the seat of saddle

     3. Bucking rolls

     4. Tapaderos, except in Western Dressage Equitation

b. The following features and style of saddles are not permitted:

     1. Thigh & knee rolls

     2. Saddles: Australian, Baroque, English, McClellan and Spanish

c. Silver equipment will not count over a good working outfit.

d. A breastplate, crupper, and/or breeching may be used. 

Standard Western Saddle Diagram