WDAA International Alliances

WDAA International Alliances

In the spirit of promoting the discipline of Western Dressage worldwide, the Western Dressage Association of America welcomes International Alliances. These groups agree to promote and practice Western Dressage as defined by WDAA and its tests.

WDAA International Alliance | WDASWestern Dressage Association of Sweden

The association WDAS was founded in 2016 down in Skåne, more specifically by riding friends in Genarp. The association has arranged both physical competitions and trainings, and in 2020, online competitions also began to take off. WDAS holds several International Online Western Dressage shows judged by USEF Western Dressage licensed judges, they can be found on the WDAA calendar of events.



WDAA International Alliance | WDAAWestern Dressage Association of Australia

Western Dressage Association of Australia (WDA-AUS) is the national governing body responsible for setting national standards in all aspects of Western Dressage for members, branches, state associations and affiliates, thereby establishing unity in training and competing in this discipline.

WDA-AUS provides the foundation and structural framework supporting sport development and event organization by the regional branches, state associations and affiliates. A Western Dressage partnership should culminate in a happy, harmonious, horse and rider relationship.