Stronger Together

2024 WDAA Stronger Together Initiative

WDAA is a Nonprofit organization.  We are dedicated to providing excellent service to support our Western Dressage community which provides a nurturing environment for all of us to develop our horses and our riding skills along with friends.  WDAA spends all of its resources providing programs, prizes and opportunities for members.  Therefore, WDAA relies heavily on volunteers, the other board members, and committee members along with a bare bones staff to make things happen.  

Recently, many of you have expressed how special Western Dressage is to you and have asked how you can volunteer.  So, WDAA is offering the brand new “Stronger Together” Initiative that outlines four things any person can do to help WDAA in our efforts to provide all the services you love and dream about for your Western Dressage family.

Here are some easy ways you can help:

  1. USEF members are asked to identify their primary and secondary interests as part of their profiles when they join.  Please identify Western Dressage as your primary or secondary interest.  This will give us more grant money and seats on committees so we can advocate better for you.
  2. Be a member of a State Affiliate and support its activities. If your state doesn’t have an affiliate, you can join any existing one in the country. Affiliates have the power to bring more Western Dressage to the community.  However, they can only do this with your help and if you attend those events.
  3. Show your horse or volunteer to work at local shows. If those shows aren’t WDAA recognized ask the show manager to have the show recognized. Approach breed shows and local Dressage GMO’s and encourage them to have WDAA recognized shows. If we want more opportunities for showing or earning points, we must support the shows we have first.  We must explain to show managers what we care about so they will know what it takes to ensure that we bring more entries to their shows.  Ask kindly for rail classes, therapeutic classes, gaited classes, junior exhibitor classes, freestyle, more Western tests or whatever is important to you.
  4. Help WDAA procure sponsors for our World Show so we can make the experience better than ever for you.  We need $4K-$10k to sponsor parties and events there besides class sponsors, division sponsors, and breed award sponsors for as little as $50 and up.
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