Cliff Swanson

Cliff Swanson trains the mind of a horse through trust and understanding focusing on the positive. The horse learns from the ground up in a step by step process beginning with a solid foundation in classical dressage. For the rider, Cliff works from the simple basics of sitting on the horse and feeling its movement progressing to the balanced union of horse and rider being one, together.

Cliff founded the “Smart Start” clinics on colt starting in the USA. He has demonstrated success with multiple breeds of horses, but specialized in training and showing Morgan horses and has World Championships in Park Harness, Pleasure Driving, Carriage Driving, In Hand, Western Pleasure, Roadster, and Hunt Seat.

He holds his USEF judging cards for Morgans, Andalusians, and Friesians, and also has judged for Quarter Horses, Arabians, Tennessee Walking Horses, Saddlebreds, Miniature Horses and Ponies. His knowledge gained by mentoring under great horseman; like Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Ted Woolrich and Dick Jefferies; and 30 years of owning, operating and training out of Swan’s Training Stable give Cliff a rounded training platform with progressive steps to help the horse and rider partnership. Cliff also studied under master farriers and still builds custom shoes for the horses of his clients.

Cliff is a proud founding member and dedicated supporter of the WDAA. He has outlined and is piloting a series of Skill Set clinics for Western Dressage. His experiences, step by step training methods, and firm belief in the benefits of a foundation in classical dressage for any discipline have made him a sought out Western Dressage clinician throughout the United States.


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